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Battersea Dogs Home

Pat gained invaluable experience in over 10 years working at Battersea Dogs Home where he was their Head of Behaviour.


In this position Pat was responsible for a team of 18 Behaviourists (the largest of its kind in the country).


Pat was responsible for the assessment and training of the most difficult dogs in order to give them a chance of finding a permanent loving home.


Pat also managed the Home’s busy Behaviour Advice Line which provided support to hundreds of dog owners each year through email, phone and one-one consultations.


During his time at Battersea Pat worked with thousands of dogs, who were often abandoned due to their behaviour problems.


This led to Pat pioneering a number of technical and cultural advances within Battersea Dogs Home, including created and implemented the Homes Assessing Model, making it possible to secure an accurate interpretation of each dog’s behaviour and detailed criteria to meet individual rehoming needs, also within the rehoming culture to include a wider range of homes being considered as suitable, as well as outlets for working dogs.


Such interventions were instrumental in reducing the numbers of dogs being put to sleep. 


Having seen the difficulties owners encountered with their dogs, often through no fault of their own, Pat decided he would like to work directly with owners by providing services that that supported them in the care of their dogs.


In 2011 Pat left Battersea Dogs Home to set up and run the now highly successful PAT'S PAWS, which provides dog owners with exceptional Walking and Day Care services.


And for those owners experiencing behaviour issues with their dog Pat personally provides one to one Behaviour/Training Consultations throughout London and the South East.


To read more go to ABOUT PAT'S PAWS


Pat realised from his time at Battersea Dogs Home that many owners reluctantly give up their dogs because they cannot cope with their behaviour problems. Pat also came across many owners that had been confused by all the conflicting advice available.


When it comes to Dog Behaviour and Training Pat has his own unique approach. From the many interpretations of dog behaviour and how training should be approached, Pat has spent years working to break down dog behaviour to the basics of underlying cause and effect. He also understands the need to include variables such as breed, genetics and the dog’s environment to make a full and accurate assessment of the behaviour displayed and how best to positively change it. Pat has found that following one school of thought when it comes to training is never going to work for all dogs.  A much wider approach is necessary to succeed in providing solutions across all behaviour problems in all breeds.


Pat's practical and effective solutions are based on scientific foundation and the most up to date knowledge and methods available.  Pat’s extensive experience allows him to assess a dog’s behaviour both quickly and accurately from which he then provides tailored guidance that is clear, informative and easy for owners to follow.



Pat's expertise as a Dog Behaviourist has led to numerous television and radio appearances on programmes including Pet Rescue, This Morning, Animal Rescue Live, BBC News and Panorama.  He was the subject of articles in the National and Local Press including the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Surrey Mirror and the Kent Messenger.


Pat's services, knowledge and experience have been called upon by a number of high profile people including Rob Lowe (US actor), Ester Rantzen (Journalist and TV Presenter), Vanessa Gold (MD of Ann Summers) and the Al-Fayed family (previous owners of Harrods).



Dave Bishop in an article for the Surrey Mirror regarding dog attacks on children wrote “Various people have been approached as to what is the right way of stopping a dog attacking a victim when it is out of control” Dave went on to say that Pat “is the only dog expert that told your scribe what an ordinary person should do to stop an uncontrollable dog attacking an innocent child”. It is Pat’s knowledge and ability to share it in a direct and informative manor than can set him apart from other Dog Behaviourists.

Pat training a dog

Pat’s passion for animals began as a child, always in his element playing with and learning about them.


He soon discovered a satisfying and easy connection with dogs in particular, so after completing a degree decided upon a career as a Dog Behaviourist.

Pat at Battersea Dogs Home

0208 050 6654
Day Care Licence: Pat Moore AWL52

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