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“My dogs Ernie and Bert have been cared for by Pat’s Paws for over 2 years. Pat has so much knowledge and experience that I never worry as I know my dogs are in safe hands. I totally recommend PAT’S PAWS.”

Vanessa Gold (MD Ann Summers) - Day Care & Home Boarding



“Pat has a great affinity with and understanding of dogs, and we have benefited from his great experience with which he is very generous and shares his knowledge to the benefit of us all.”

David and Lesley – Day Care



“Finding PAT’S PAWS was frankly, like finding the Holy Grail... My dogs know Pat as their friend and I know that I can trust his professionalism and judgment to properly care for them and keep them safe.”

Christina – Home Boarding



“Pat's help and support is first class. Watching him work with the dogs was inspiring, our boisterous dogs were calm and relaxed in a way I hadn't seen before and more importantly Pat taught us how to achieve this ourselves.”

Sue – Training/Behaviour



“PAT’S PAWS is reliable and trustworthy which puts my mind at rest while at work, I know my dog is well looked after and in safe hands.”

Julie - Walking



“PAT’S PAWS is extremely reliable and trustworthy. I now have a better behaved and more responsive dog! Lizzie loves going to dog day care and leaves without a backward glance.”

Emma  - Day Care



“We trust PAT’S PAWS implicitly to keep our dogs safe. We feel so lucky to have found them!”

Ellie – Day Care & Home Boarding



I interviewed, and also tried out, many dog day care and home boarders before I found PAT’S PAWS. 
PAT’S PAWS are very reliable, kind, trustworthy and flexible and our dog loves going with them.

Gail – Day Care & Home Boarding



“We totally trust PAT’S PAWS with not only our beloved dog but also our home. In addition to the day care, PAT’S PAWS has always been on hand to provide us with advice. Pat has guided us through some stressful situations by helping us understand our dog’s behaviour and this has resulted in us putting right some serious anxiety problems our dog has had.”

Katherine and Dan – Day Care



Not only is PAT’S PAWS reliable, trustworthy, punctual and all the things you would hope for in a day care but Pat’s knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour has been paramount to us. We feel very privilege to have them caring for our loved one.”

Jonathan and Nichola – Day Care



“It feels to us as though Timmy is going on his own little holiday and he always comes back to us healthy and happy.”

Stella – Home Boarding



“We did extensive research to ensure we enlisted the services of the right person and found stunning reviews for Pat all over. I cannot speak highly enough of Pat. I would highly recommend Pat to anyone looking for a trainer or behaviourist and wouldn't trust anyone else with my dog. Without meaning to sound melodramatic Pat saved our little family and we will always be grateful.”

Leah – Training/Behaviour



“It was clear from the outset that Pat has a wonderful rapport with dogs, and makes their well-being his top priority. The whole process was a very positive one and we were particularly impressed by the patience, skill and kindness which Pat showed in helping to sort out our dog’s behaviour problem.”     
Tony – Training/Behaviour



“Pat got my dogs to do more in 1 hour than I had managed in a year. You could see that he had immense knowledge, understanding and love of dogs.”

Claire – Training/Behaviour



“Pat has an empathy with dogs which is extraordinary. I trust Pat implicitly with our dog, I am content in the knowledge that our dog will have a great day and learn something in the process.”

Sandra – Day Care



“Our dogs respond so well to the PAT’S PAWS team and they are always helpful and flexible. We are delighted with PAT’S PAWS.”

Sue - Walking



“Pat was fantastic, he made training fun and was developing our dog DJ in no time, right before our eyes. The thing I was most pleased with was that Pat shared his experience with us, leaving us with the knowledge we needed to carry on the training.”

Karen – Training/Behaviour



Pat is fantastic, during our consultation he made great progress with our dog Harvey. We continued what Pat had shown us and after a very short while Harvey’s improvement was amazing.

Sue – Training/Behaviour



“Pat was excellent at diagnosing the reason and gave us some great solutions to allow us to deal with our dog’s behaviour problems. Pat had an uncanny calming influence on our dogs and it was clear that he understood our dog’s behaviour.”

Angus & Kim – Training/Behaviour



“Although it has only been 10 days since our meeting with Pat, we have already seen a great improvement in our dog. The advice and demonstration we were given was done in a very professional way whilst being very kind and thoughtful to our dog’s needs.”
Sarah – Training /Behaviour



PAT’S PAWS was so helpful when our dog Ted had behaviour problems. Pat spent 2 hours in our home working with Ted and us, he taught us effective strategies to resolve the issues.

Barbara – Training/Behaviour



Thanks very much for the time you spent training our dog Tigger. He's turned into a lovely family pet. We would recommend you to anyone.

Bill and Jean – Training/Behaviour



“Pat provided us with practical and effective solutions. Pat is good value and I have already recommended him to friends.”
David – Training/Behaviour



“After Pat’s visit we understand our dog’s behaviour much better and how to work with him to improve it. Our other dogs are much happier with him too and we now enjoy a peaceful house again.”

Brenda – Training/Behaviour



“Thank you for helping us with our lovely Mac. Since benefitting from your expertise, Mac has been a much happier little dog.”

Berni – Training/Behaviour



Pat came up with simple solutions to our problem which means our dog is now much more relaxed and happy. 

Christina – Training/Behaviour



“Following a consultation with Pat everything has all worked out well.”

Daren – Training/Behaviour



“Pat’s visit was worth its weight in gold... Pat helps you and guides you in a way that is beneficial for your particular situation and your particular dog.”

Emma MBE – Training/Behaviour



“After just one 2 hour session, Pat had our dog Dennis behaving perfectly and with his gentle, common sense approach.”

Fran – Training/Behaviour



“Pat has provided us with advice and a technique that we are able to use whenever we need it and it works.”

Hayley – Training/Behaviour



“Pat is calm and relaxed and whose love and understanding of dogs is extremely touching. With his help I was better able to understand my rescue dog and address what had been previously extremely confusing patterns of behaviour.”

Hilary – Training/Behaviour



“Pat quickly established rapport with our dog even though she is timid with strangers, and provided useful and pragmatic advice. We have an unusual breed and we found Pat to have a very comprehensive understanding of the different needs of different breeds.”

Irena – Training/Behaviour



“Pat's calm manner and extensive experience have had great effect in creating a more balanced group of dogs. Also, it has helped us be more effective in our relationships with them.”

Julian & Liz – Training/Behaviour



“By following Pat’s advice and practising his techniques we have had excellent results.”

Karen – Training/Behaviour



“We saw an instant change from the two hour session with Pat and since we have been able to continue with the techniques that Pat taught us and Reggie is like a different dog.”

Abi & Tom – Training/Behaviour



“I was amazed to see how easily Pat was able to connect with our dog. He showed me a lot of very effective training methods that had immediate results. Pat is always happy to give advice over the phone without any hesitation.”

Nicola – Training/Behaviour



“We found the whole training session with Pat to be so helpful. We have now achieved more than we ever thought possible.”

Nikki – Training/Behaviour


“Pat clearly has a passion for dogs and the role that they can play in a family.”

Sally – Training/Behaviour



“Honestly it’s worth every penny we now have a happy dog and a happy home.”

Sandra & Harry – Training/Behaviour



“Pat was brilliant, using some great techniques he managed more in 1 hour than we'd managed in 6 weeks!!”

Sara – Training/Behaviour



“We have put all of Pat’s training techniques into place, he has really helped our dog to feel more secure and happy.”
Alexis – Training/Behaviour

0208 050 6654
Day Care Licence: Pat Moore AWL52

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