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Areas covered:

  • South London & South East


Many dogs display problematic behaviours that cause concern and often lead to frustration for their owners.


These can include:

  • Aggression towards strangers

  • Aggression towards owners and family members

  • Aggression towards other dogs

  • Poor response to cue’s, such as recall

  • Jumping up

  • Persistent mouthing

  • Issues with being left alone


Good understanding and implementation of training and management techniques can be vital in making sure your dog fits into your family, home life or society successfully and this can be done not only with puppies but also with adult dogs.


Pat’s approach aims to strengthen the relationship between the owner and their dog through developing skills in clear and consistent communication.


His strength is to take the often complicated subject of dog behaviour and create simple, practical and insightful solutions.


Assisting owners in developing a deeper understanding of their dog’s behaviour and increasing their skills empowers them to successfully manage their dog’s behaviour not only now but in the future.


Pat’s techniques are based on scientific foundation and the most up to date knowledge and methods available and consistently produce highly successful results.


It is crucial to address the underlying cause of a behaviour problem rather than just how each dog expresses it (e.g. aggression, barking, and poor response to cues), otherwise on-going issues tend to occur.


Accurate assessment of a dog’s behaviour is vital in creating practical and innovative solutions, Pat instils trust in achieving this through knowledge and skills developed over years of working with thousands of dogs.


The Consultation Process

Consultations initially take place in your home and then move to the area where the behaviour issue is displayed, such as your local exercise area. This is to ensure that your dog is behaving as it normally does.


Initially Pat will assesses your dog’s behaviour through observation of its reactions and considering the history behind the behaviour.


The next step is to instil some new training which is then used to support improvement of your dog's behaviour issue.


The final step is to work specifically with the behaviour issue and begin the process of creating a more desirable behaviour.


Each consultation comes with a 3 month FREE Support Service which allows you direct ongoing contact with Pat to support you in achieving your long term goals for your dog.

To discuss your individual needs with Pat please contact us

Pat does not use punishment based training

0208 050 6654
Day Care Licence: Pat Moore AWL52

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