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Throughout the years of working at Battersea Dogs Home Pat constantly saw the difficulties owners encountered with their dogs, often through no fault of their own, Pat decided he would like to work directly with owners by providing services that that supported them in the care of their dogs.


In 2011 Pat left Battersea Dogs Home to set up and run the now highly successful PAT'S PAWS, which provides dog owners with exceptional Day Care and Walking services.


And for those owners experiencing behaviour issues with their dog Pat personally provides one to one Behaviour & Training Consultations throughout the south of London and the South East.


Above all Pat believes in integrity, trust and delivering high standards, these values have been the foundation for building each of the services provided by PAT'S PAWS and along with Pat being a highly skilled and committed behaviourist are directly accountable for their success.


Day Care and Walking services allow you to provide your dog with excercise and socialising in a safe environment when you find yourself without the time or if you are out of the house each day.


Training & Behaviour Consultations provide practical support and guidance for when your dog is displaying a behaviour problem or not responding to training in the way that you would like. Pat does not use punishment based training.


Veterinary practices such as Medivet, Vets4Pets and Avenue Road Veterinary Surgery recommend PAT’S PAWS to their clients for training & behaviour services. We have found in certain circumstances it is necessary to combine both sets of expertise to achieve a successful outcome to the behaviour problem presented.


PAT'S PAWS supports the work of Pets As Therapy and The Waggy Tails Club.


Dogs have always had a special relationship with people.  The benefits dogs add to our lives can be seen through practical assistance or from the comfort and happiness they bring.


It is clearly demonstrated how dogs help those in need through the organisations Pets As Therapy (P.A.T.) and The Waggy Tails Club


P.A.T. are a charity providing therapeutic pet (mostly dogs) visits to hospitals, hospices, nursing/care homes and special needs schools.


The Waggy Tails Club is local and provides therapy to young people aged 13 - 18 with special needs/disabilities through the opportunity to work with and train dogs.

0208 050 6654
Day Care Licence: Pat Moore AWL52

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